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Adelaide’s the first  Japanese Omakase restaurant.

Amazing experience at Yuki

The dining experience at YUKI IN BURNSIDE with Omakase by Yohei is built around a relationship
of trust and spontaneity between the Chef and each diner.

He embraces guests’ presence, greeting every diner at sushi counter seating while handing out
freshly prepared his first course of Omakase, to begin the meal.

Chef’s curated omakase offerings change often, highlighting a diversity of seasons, ingredients,
and the range of textures.

Our dishes are presented one at a time, at the perfect moment when flavour, temperature and
texture are in perfect condition.

This allows our customers to enjoy the true essence of Omakase by Yohei.
“Feel like you are in Japan by our food”

We hope you experience this in YUKI in BURNSIDE.

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