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“Japanese Authentic Omakase experience”


Omakase translates to "I will leave it up to the chef" and is equivalent to a Chef's Tasting Menu.
It's a fine tradition that gives the chef a creative freedom and the customer a memorable dining experience.

We have three different course that you can choose.

1 Platinum Omakase by Yohei : WED to SAT

2 Sushi Omakase by Yohei : SUNDAY

3. Yuki Tasting Course : WED to FRI

Our Platinum Omakase by Yohei menu consists of small plates, grilled fish, A5 grade wagyu,
sashimi followed by a selection of seasonal nigiri, and dessert. It’s total package of authentic
Japanese cuisine. It's from Wed to Sat but only limited seats available. So book in hurry for yourtable.

Our Sushi Omakase by Yohei includes seasonal best sushi  with more than 10 different Neta(toping
of sushi) and small dishes including a dessert.

Sushi omakase is only for Sunday dinner and it's very popular. 

If you want to try real Japanese Sushi experience, here's your answer.


Out Yuki Tasting course is 4 courses of seasonal best dish created by chef Yohei.

It includes Zensai, Sashimi, Main and dessert.

The beauty of this course is all menus are changeable depending on seasonality.

So every time you will have different menu, if you choose this course.

YUKI promise that each day, seafood products and all other ingredients are carefully selected,

prepared and served at their peak flavour.

“Leave it to us, Enjoy Authentic Japanese”

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